ONIS Community is a new Social Network that is creating the biggest Grass Roots movement the world has ever seen. An advertising free, membership based, community that invests 100% of its profits into grass roots regeneration projects to improve our environment, our communities and our health. 

Memberships start from $6 per month, and this gives you access to being able to upload your own grass root project, and to receive Interest Free funding from the ONIS Regeneration Trust Fund. 

 Get active and together we will make a world that works for everyone.  

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 ONIS Community has been built by a strong group of professionals giving away their time and money for the improvement of our world. Our association is designed in order to expand rapidly. The association is owned by all its members, and it doesn't have any debt, or owes any interests to any group. ONIS Community is committed to building itself to be a robust global player, one that represents the global village with the highest of values and integrity. 

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 An empowered grass roots economy delivering global sustainability and a political world that understands what economic equilibrium looks like. 

Be part of this movement, join our community and join our team of volunteers. 

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Our mission is to build an authentic global social community, one that leads by being the example, and one that impacts our global economy to regenerate our planet, our values and our communities.

We will achieve this by reaching the economy of scale of 250 million members.

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