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–ONIS – An ancient Latin word representing: unity, creativity, union and creation. 

We live in a time when this exactly what is required…

We have put the survival of our planet, our mental health and the survival of truth all at risk.  ONIS Community is here to regenerate what we care about the most. 

It will not be until we come together under the highest of values, purpose and intentions, that this world will become what we really want to see.

ONIS Community is governed by the ONIS Regeneration Cooperative Rules of Association – A Cooperative Trust owned by all its members, and that destines 100% of its income to grass root projects, initiated by its members, under the criteria -regenerate our communities, -regenerate our environment, or -regenerate our health.


Empowering the individual by giving them the tools and the access to creating equity. To achieve  this, we are committed to facilitating our members to upload their private initiatives for funding  aligned with our guidelines.

– Educating the individual by making accessible professional and personal training and development  online.  

Harnessing the ability for the individual to take actionIn ONIS Community we recognise that the  core elements that sustain our economy are at risk and enacting is no longer an option but a  necessity.


* The ONIS Regeneration Trust Fund is here to ensure that we put the future into our own hands.. as a member of ONIS Community, together we can achieve A real global difference at an economic scale.

We estimate that at a global scale of 250 Million members. We can have enough impact to transform the economic narrative -and seriously include the BOTTOM-UP Approach to economics.

We calculate that at an average membership of 24$ per month, it would take 450 million members less than 12 years, to reach economic equilibrium and sustainability for the long-term.

inside our $-like™ market, the regeneration trust fund is available for MEMBERS WHO ARE social entrepreneurs with new initiatives. Providing “WARM FUNDS” FOR sound PROJECTS that prove can regenerate our communities, our environment or our health…. 

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 ONIS COMMUNITY comes from close to 20 years of research & development of technical, economic, social, legal and Finance frameworks; to be able to launch a substantial foundation framework now in  2020 – The year of our launch.  

We are a group of driven professional leaders, based in Australia, and we all have two things in common:

– We love that our lives are all about contributing to others,

– We have given for free our time and money to start this essential global endeavour.

In the year 2000 one of the founding members – whilst studying economics and finance, received a clear vision of how delicate the world was going to become, and what was required to counteract our inherited destructive economic forces. He took on sharing this with other committed leaders that crossed his path, and after talking with countless people, ONIS Community comes to life

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ONIS community is governed by the GLOBAL Regeneration Community Rules of Association, and operated by The committee. – The committee is formed by 3 directors, a general manager, an IT manager, a maximum of two general advisers and a legal adviser. Meet our team! 

 Fabian Lopez, CEO, Director– leadership coach. professional in teaching, life coaching and brand development. Fabian started to work inside the R&D of ONIS Community in 2004. 

–  Travis Geileskey Managing Director, – business leadership consultant. professional in startups and business automation. passionate about economic development through innovation and optimisation.

 – Sean Dobra, Marketing Director. – communications leadership consultant. professional in video filming and productions. passionate about economic transformation through the empowerment of authentic and substantial video content that inspires.

Cesar Duran, General Manager. – elite leadership coach. professional in business start-up strategy, and procurement. Cesar started to work inside the R&D of ONIS Community in 2001. 

 Emman J., IT Manager. – professional in web development. passionate about economic development through the training of people and the creation of teams.

 DAVID CLEARY, IT Counsel  – SENIOR leader,., Information technology professional,  social and COMMUNITY DRIVEN, passionate about economic development through the ESTABLISHMENT of SUSTAINABLE LIVING.

 Anna Poltkin, Legal Counsel – senior lawyer, Professional advice for international business and associations. passionate about economic development through social responsibility.

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Grass roots linguistically, means “the essence of a thing”.  Grass roots economics is the essence of your economy, it is the core problem solving initiatives in our local economics.

Grass roots for ONIS community looks like empowering leaders making an impact in your local community. This looks like: your local artist, your local community centre, your local river, your local forest, your local shop, your local farmer; your local school, -what is missing in your community? how can you make a difference?


The regeneration trust fund is open to fund sound and viable startup projects inside the following indicative grass roots criteria:


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