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ONIS (Latin) means unity, creation, and "eating together".

ONIS Community has been built by a group of individuals giving their time and money to make this vision of giving back a reality. We have no corporate interests or ownership from investors as we are an Australian non-for-profit co-operative association. For more information on what a co-operative is click here.

The Team

Fabian Lopez – Director and CEO

A devoted teacher of Yoga and High school teenagers, and passionate about healing through communication.

Alejandro Duran – Co-secretary and General Manager

Devoted to bringing regeneration to the planet, and empowering individuals to fulfill their authentic expression.

Sasha Moore

A resilient leader of community and inclusiveness, passionate about conscious communities and bringing people together.

Travis Geileskey – Co-Secretary and Director

A committed leader and accountant, passionate about being effective and making a difference in this world.

Sean Dobra – Director

An outstanding independent video producer and Filmmaker, passionate about how to inspire people through film and content.

Our World Economy can become sustainable with our purposeful action.
The Regeneration Trust Fund is here to ensure that we put the future into our own hands. A real global difference comes at an economy of scale, our global economic scale is 450 Million members. At the base membership of $12 per month, we calculate it would take 450 million members less than 10 years to reach economic equilibrium and to make the world sustainable for the long term. – Global grassroots action is required at the right magnitude of scale.

There are millions of small projects around the world truthfully tackling the core issues that we are facing and they are seeking funds to thrive. This is why ONIS Community is here. The Trust Fund has a large scope for regeneration including projects regenerating ancient traditions, community, health, the environment.

Below are the core passions we are focusing on:

Community Living

Our passion as founders is to support the creation of self-sustained communities. These are communities where people come together and give each other food, security, and connection in order to grow and heal in a nurturing and conscious space. The ancient wisdom taught us, ‘it takes a village to raise a kid”. Now we know the importance of community and collective living, not only to raise children but to survive, grow and thrive together.

Sustainability Systems

A priority for us is to empower the sustainability of our supply chains by promoting local providers, ethical businesses, and new technology. We believe all the ideas, passion, and intention necessary to thrive exist inside our own communities. We are here to empower these remarkable individuals through the new regeneration economy which we are creating by coming together.