What Is ONIS?

ONIS is an ancient Latin word that means unity, creativity, union and creation. 

We leave in a time where we have put at risk the survival of our planet, the survival of our mental health and the survival of truth. ONIS Community is here to regenerate what we care about the most. 

It is not until we come together under the highest of values, purpose and intentions, that this world will become what we really want to see.

ONIS Community is governed by the ONIS Regeneration Trust Fund. A Trust owned by all its members, and that destines 100% of its profits to grass root projects, initiated by its members. Projects that fall in the criteria to regenerate our environment, regenerate our communities, and regenerate our health.

The Regeneration Trust Fund

Our World Economy can become Sustainable with our purposeful Action. We are in historical times. Our current system is not working and as it is, it will probably collapse. Economist know it, people with knowledge know it; and the current nationalistic & trickle down economic push, is just making it much worse. 


The Regeneration Trust Fund is here to ensure that we put the future into our own hands. Join our community now. A real global difference comes at an economy of scale , our global economic scale is 450 Million members. At the base membership of $6 per month, it would take 450 million members less than 6 years, to reach economic equilibrium and to make the world Sustainable for the long-term. 


Global grass roots action is required at the right magnitude of scale. The Regeneration Trust Fund, gives 100% of its profits to “regeneration” projects from ONIS Community members. There are millions of small projects around the work truthfully tackling the core issues that we are facing. These are the core priorities focusing the governing of our Trust:



  • Community/Culture Development
  • Environment sustainability & regeneration
  • Dynamic Cashflow
  • Solid Financial Management

Community Development

Sustainability & Regeneration