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  • In the year 2000 a man had a higher vision of how the Internet would evolve. Today, we are seeing the result of this higher vision: an online world where information is controlled by a few. We are now at a point where we must come together as people and take back our power.

ONIS is an ancient Latin word, which means: “unity “union” creativity” and “creation”. Now, language recognises this word’s meaning also as eating together. We found this word to match everything that we represent -“coming together” and “creating” a new economy that works for everyone.

As a member of ONIS, you are supporting the Global Regeneration Community Trust Fund, and you get access to an advertising-free social network, where your privacy and free speech matter – a social network where trolls, bots, and bullying are not tolerated, a social network that will grow to offer you quality content, discounts, and other member benefits, including features for training and development.

As an -Affiliate Member you also get access to the patented (pending) MoneyLike Market -Training System to get funding for your own regeneration projects. (Coming live once we have 10,000 members.)

We are accepting members to the social network, from all over the world; and our vision is to become a Global Force. This our our objectives:

  • To startup, until we reach 50,000 members, we will focus in establishing HQ and a robust operation for Australia and New Zealand.
  • Once this milestone is completed, we will establish subsidiaries for Argentina, Canada, the European Union, India, Mexico, UK, Uruguay, & the USA; countries with which we currently have ease of access to do business,
  • Our Neighbours in South East Asia and Latin America will be our next main regional focus.
  • The rest of the world is our objective; For us to reach your country, – your support and enthusiasm will make it possible!

There is money that multiplies by using up resources, there is money that multiplies by regenerating our resources and improving our lifestyle for the planetary challenges we face. The latter is what we call -The Regeneration Economy

ONIS Community is about bringing people together, and growing the ‘regeneration economy’. * We have defined the regeneration economy, as: -‘Any small sustainable endeavour that offers restoration to our health, to our environment, and/or to our communities’. Many projects apply, please visit the Trust Fund Section in the menu to get some ideas on what matters most to you, and how you can align your passion to our investment focus.

It is by coming together that we will create a new world economy.

An Economy has 3 main distinct items that move it:

– People – Money – Policy

We believe that people are the one main element that moves the economy the most. It is not money or policy makers as we are constantly lead to believe. The ultimate power is and has always been with people. – The only thing missing is enough leadership and trust so we can ‘come together’.

Our economy is in high risk, leaders are not hearing us, and at an economy of scale we can have a mainstream voice and be heard, inside the right level of magnitude. we can influence smart money and smart policy makers. As a collective, we can create an abundant and sustainable world that works for everyone. In economics numbers matter:

*1 Billion Members = 2 Million Projects / Year = 20 Million New Jobs Each Year!

  • We are Non For Profit, and our members own the network,
  • We are membership based, and this gives all of us more security and integrity. We have no need to use your data,
  • In ONIs trolls, bots and bullying are not tolerated,
  • We won’t sensor any free speech that follows the guidelines of our community code conduct,
  • We respect and honour your privacy and believes,
  • We empower you with access to interest free Funds for your own small projects, and
  • We will offer you top quality tools for your own personal training and development.
  • No advertising, unless the majority of us want it! LoL

ONIS Community is a new concept, and we haven’t seen such a bold and innovative movement in the Non For Profit sector in the past. We can understand if you are raising an eyebrow or not!

ONIS Community was established by average men and women, just like you; individuals honouring the truth and love that we share in our homes and with our close and intimate relationships. This is the care and integrity that we want to promote for our children’s’ new world.

ONIS Community is a business name owned by Global Regeneration Community Inc, an Incorporated Association with Consumer Affairs Victoria, Certificate of Incorporation A0110605C and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) ABN-30 644 093 599. – We are committed to transparency, accountability and a New Economy.

The Committee manages the day to day operation of the Cooperative Association. If we where a corporate business, the committee would be the equivalent to the board of directors.

The Committee in Australia is responsible to manage transparently all the marketing, finance and technology of the operation, and to report annually to the members in the General Annual Meeting and to the relevant authorities in Australia. All company resolutions are voted by all the members who are present during the Annual General Meeting.

The committee is also responsible to establish projects subcommittees in different countries, this in order to be able to legally fund projects in that country . For simplicity, we are calling this sub-committees: –“Regional Chapters”.

We are different to anything out there for two fundamental reasons:

  • Because we are an Authentic Social Network ! In ONIS Community your “likes” or “love” are Funds that are jointed and readily available. – Accessing them will have much more weigh on the merits of your ideas, and less on the ability to promote online.
  • Because we are creating Economy of Scale! In ONIS Community we are coming together with one singular intention: “regenerating the health of our ecosystems“. – The impactful difference this makes is unprecedented and we are eager to find out what our positive economic impact will be.

About Us

We have built ONIS Community as a contribution, giving our time and effort for free, driven by the love we have for ourselves and others. We have established ourselves as a trust fund, operating as a Non For Profit Cooperative Association Incorporated in Australia. Our committee and founders’ body, are comprised of mature professional leaders, who have come together with one common desire: – to make a real difference in this world. We strive to do this with passion, integrity, and with clear purpose and vision.

Our job as a Non For Profit Cooperative is to build an amazing and transparent social network, to empower our members, and for our members to empower each other economically. This is done whilst regenerating, as a collective, what is most important to us as humans: -our communities, our health, our economy, and our environment.

  • We are open to work with like minded and independent organisations, from all over the world bringing an authentic benefit to our members;
  • Organisations that perform with outmost integrity, responsibility and accountability;
  • Please email us if your organisation wants to work with us: info@oniscommunity.org

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