ONIS Community has been created to support regeneration projects on a local and global scale. When you Sign-up as a Member, you become an automatic supporter of this initiative.

Your membership starts from just US$3/month, which you can cancel anytime. As a Member, you get to choose which project to support by using your voting power and be part of our unified vision to make the world a better place for the generations to come.

Plus, when you refer 3 members, you can also upload your own projects, which once approved by the ONIS Committee, they are displayed and made available for funding through ONIS Community.

Our business model

Our core purpose is to be as clear and transparent as possible to our members. We are constantly working to streamline our business processes to keep running costs at a minimum, and to expand our core intention to regenerate life on earth. Your ideas and contribution to minimise our costs and increase our potential, are welcome and encouraged!

We have limited our costs to a budget of $23,000 USD of monthly fees to support the operation of the Committee. This budget allows us to run the core technical, marketing and management operations of ONIS Community. Beyond our budgeted operational costs, all funds will be directed towards the organisations and projects we support, and you’ll be able to see how these funds are distributed in our ‘transparency’ page.

Key Features



• Members have access to view all the accounts



• Vote in Annual Meetings
• Change the rules: make your ideas popular in the forums



• Create a Business Plan and get Funding
• Get professional & Personal Development



• In your home screen you only see what you want to see.
• Our optional tips are there to inspire you, and for you to meet like-minded networks & people.



• Integrate your social life into your home space (no restriction)



• Our members code of conduct and rules of association, gets trolls and bullies suspended and ultimately expelled.