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The ‘$Like Market’ is where you will be able to upload your project for funding, browse projects, and vote on projects to be funded with what we call your ‘$likes’. You’ll also be able to meet others in your local area with the same project interests to collaborate with.

We want many projects to be realised, so as we grow, you will also be able to access professional mentoring to make your project happen.

The $like Market system will be developed once we reach 10,000 members, and the first round of funding will be scheduled once we reach 50,000 members. In the meantime, until we reach 10,000 members, we will be donating our membership subscriptions to like-minded independent foundations that are making a regeneration difference in the world.

We hope you are as excited as we are!

Below is a wish list of projects we are seeking to work with and fund

Project Wish List


Holistic farm projects based on permaculture principles, converting non-arable land into a luscious fruit forests, and creating trusted sources of organic food for your local region.


New and independent supply chains of organic food; convenience store chain that offers organic food at affordable prices by working directly with sustainable farms in the region.


Innovative modular technology that in a clean way converts general waste, including all tiers of plastic, into diesel – at a fraction of market prices.


A membership based App that gives the user a convenient way to access all available views of a particular topic. Allowing the user to maintain a free and independent view on current affairs.


Projects to build facilities that offer a holistic and an affordable approach to health; offering preventative treatment and training in nutrition, refelxology, regenerative massage, yoga, healing therapies and life coaching.