Projects We Fund

Farm to Plate Supply Chain of Organic Food

Sustainable Housing and Development Models

Art and Cultural Centres, Events and Workshops

Holistic Health Alternatives

Regeneration Programs for the Environments’ Natural Balance. Including our water, our air, our earth, our animals and our plants

Recycling and Reusing Technologies and Business Models

New Software Applications that Empower Individuals Professionally and Personally to be more able to be who they want to be

Non For Profit Associations Willing and Able to Lobby with Government and NGOs inside of Integrity, Transparency and inside of the Context of bringing Back Natural Balance to our Economy

Sustainable Farming Models

Alternative and Innovative Sources of Energy. (Excluding Nuclear and Fossil Fuel technologies)

Programs to Restore Traditional Cultures and ancient Wisdom

New and Sustainable ways to Ethically Empower your Local Economy

Natural regeneration Programs for Mental Health

New Hardware and Software Technologies that can provide us with a more sustainable and cleaner relationship with our environment

Non For Profit Organisations Offering Reconstruction and Development Projects with Transparency, Integrity and Innovation